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    My Grammar Sucks

    I'm not a native english speaker >.<

    I apologize for any grammar mistakes. If you want to help me correcting them, I'll be really thankful.

    Please write your comments or you can add notes to my flickr page http://flickr.com/nadjaa

    My Claymore Doujinshi

    FYI, recently I just finished my latest Claymore doujinshi! Check it out ^_^


    Other Info

    Hi This is a mirror site for my manga Desafinado.

    For more info please visit: http://desafinado.webs.com/

    If you have time please vote + donate for me.

    Thank You!

    Copyright © 2008 Desafinado by Nadjaa. All Rights Reserved.

    Don't use my artwork without my permission, thank you.

    - Contact:

    If you want to ask some questions regarding this manga, please feel free to email me.

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